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#DAY 2: CRRU, We Here (Introducing and welcoming us)

July 5th, 2019

i have my first breakfast ever in Chiang Rai. We had breakfast in Cabbages and condoms hotel’s restaurant. these were what i ate!

after we’ve done our breakfast, Ms.Nok came and took us to the CRRU. The people in CRRU welcoming us kindly and they’re really nice. they gave us the name tag, and we took some photos together.

after took some photos, we came into the meeting room. in this room they showed us about CRRU and also told many things about CRRU and Chiang Rai. it was really interesting to saw some clips and videos about Chiang Rai.

after all the introducing, finally we met our buddies! my buddy name is Kratay. she is so kind, she said that she likes to eat. so three of us (i, Vika, and Kratay) made a group chat named Eat Eat HAHAHA because we all really love food! actually the three of us really have the similarities-like we’re so loud, love food, talk active, and many other things. thats why we’re really match each other. btw, all of the delegates of SEA Teacher have one same buddy, and his name is Min. he’s also a kind guy and friendly to us.

sadly, we only had around 15 minutes to talk each other because Kratay had an midterm test. i’m so glad to know them tho! my fisrt friend ever from Chiang Rai.

after all of our buddies back to their class, and it was around 11.50 a.m so- WE FINALLY GOT OUR LUNCH! all the foods were so tasty, and i really like the fruits-manggo and melon!

after had our lunch we went to look around the CRRU, saw some buildings, and we back to the meeting room at 2 p.m. in the meeting room they show us about the place arounf CRRU. oh! they also explained about the location of our school through the google map. My school is Mengraimaharaj Wittayakhom School and that moment was the first time i knew the location of mengrai school, but in google map, not the real one haha. but its still help me to got a litlle information about the situation of my school, like- it was far away from the downtown, and there’s no halal food 😦

at 3 p.m we went to BigC to bought sim card also internet data. we already made the promise with our buddies to went there, so we were going to the BigC together. they guide us to bought sim card also other things we want to bought! YOU CAN SEE THAT THEY’RE SO NICE RIGHT! luv them!

not only that, Kratay also bought me and vika ice cream, and it tastes good, i mean- SO GOOOOOODD!

around 5 p.m we back to the hotels, and take some rest because at night we need to bought some food for our dinner. we went out to found our dinner around 8 p.m and Min became our guide! Min took us to the restaurant and we ate there. i had fried chicken for my dinner.

so this is the story of my 2nd day in Chiang Rai. it was so fun and it will be one of my good memories!


Published by ahbimahdianr

Ahbi Mahdianing Rum, a student from University of Bengkulu and majoring in math education

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