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DAY #3: Met The President Of CRRU and A Mini 1 Day Tour!

July 6th, 2019

in the morning i and salma packed all of our things,brought it out from our room, becuse we had to check out from Cabbages and Condoms Hotel. So we should say goodbye to the hotel later.

after we packed all of our things, we had breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. we ate breads with strawberry sauce. and guess what? THEY HAD RAMBUTAN. it has been a long time since the last time i ate rambutan, and finally i ate rambutan, in Thailand. My first Rambutan ever in Thailand haha

After we finished our breakfast, we waited for Ms. Nok to took us to the CRRU. we had schedule to met the president of CRRU and all of the representatives of the school.

we’ve waited for about 15 minutes, and finally Ms. Nok came, so we -i and other friends- put all of our things in the bus and we went to the CRRU. it was the time to said “goodbye Cabbages and Condoms Hotel”.

we had so much fun on the way to the CRRU, we laughed together, threw jokes, and had much talk. it was because we already close each other and it makes us easier to find the topic to talk about.

right after we arrived in CRRU, we went to the big meeting room. the president of CRRU together with all the representatives of the school already waited for us. i’m not gonna lie, but i was very nervous that moment. the president of CRRU said that he felt so happy to have us and he warmly welcomed us. i also felt so happy and proud at that time because it was such a best moment i’ve ever experienced in my life. And actually became one of the delegation of SEA Teacher is already a big achievement, but the way all the people in CRRU and all the representatives of the school welcomed and treat us is another level of achievement.

i also took some photos together with the president, vika and the representatives of Mengrai school (Ms. Tuk and Ms. Milk). Ms. Tuk (or Kru Tuk) is an English Teacher and Ms. Milk (or Phi Milk) is a Chinese Teacher. Btw, kru is teacher in Thailand, and phi is for an older people (woman).

sadly, after all the meeting i and vika need to say goodbye to the other friend because we will live separately. thats sad, because we already close each other and it was really fun to stayed together with them, and all of them are so kind tho.

but, we should continue our journey right?

after all the goodbyes, i and vika brought our things and put it on Kru Tuk’s Car. On Our way to the Mengrai School, Kru Tuk took us to the halal food, yeay! we had our lunch there and again- i ate fried chicken haha

before we went to the mengrai school, Kru Tuk stop us to the Blue Temple. Tt just so WOW, the temple is so blue and so beautiful. the details are amazing. i can’t take off my eyes from those art.

furthermore, we went to the Mengrai School. so- HELLO MENGRAI SCHOOL. Kru Tuk told us -i and vika- that we will stay in Phi Milk’s house for this 1 month. our bedroom is in the 2nd floor and because its room has 2 bed, so i and vika decided to stay together in one room. So, she become my roomate. my noisy-loud-kind roomate haha

we arranged the room and placed our things neatly. we took a nap for about 1 hour and after that some students came, they also invite us to take a look around the school. appereantly they became our “tour guide school”. their name are cherry, pawn, and peen. they stoped us to some buildings such as math building, sains building, english building, canteen, also library. it really help me to understand the situation also the position of each building which is make me easier to find the place i want to go and stop at this school. thanks to them!

And-sadly we haven’t look around all the building yet that day, because it was rainy. so we decided to back home and take a rest for minutes. however, Kru Tuk called us through the Line and asked if we want to bought some food or not, and of course we said yes haha so she took us to the BigC

We bought many things for our stock this week, such as: saussage, milk, rice, mineral water, ketchup, cereals, carrots, cabbages, etcetera.

we also had a meal in BigC, we went to KFC and kru Tuk Treat us some chickens. it was too early to called it as dinner but it was too late to called it as lunch. but i want tocalled it as dinner, so we didn’t have to think what should we ate for our dinner anymore haha


Published by ahbimahdianr

Ahbi Mahdianing Rum, a student from University of Bengkulu and majoring in math education

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