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August 7th, 2019

in the morning around 7.40, i and vika went to Mengrai School. We met the directur of Mengrai School together with Kru Tuk, he’s so kind to us and welcomed us warmly. At 8.00 we all went to school field to held a daily ceremony. fyi, Mengrai school hold a ceremony every morning at 8.00 on monday-friday. after the ceremony i and vika introduced our self in front of all students and teacher of Mengrai School. at first i felt so nervous but so glad the teachers are so kind so some of them help to comfort me and said nice words.

after our introduction, they gave i and Vika a bucket of purple flowers for each. this flowers became like a gift to welcome us.

i felt so happy because i can be a part of mengrai school even for just a month, i can learn many things here. Because Indonesia and Thailand have different culture, so it will be really meaningful to learn new things everyday here. i’m excited!

after the ceremony, Kru Tuk took us to the Directur’s room. we had a small conversation with him. in general, he said he’s really happy to have us as an internship in Mengrai School and he warmly-kindly-happily welcomed us. it’s such a honor for me.

even talked with the directur is a good thing, we need to meet another teachers tho. however Kru Tuk took me to the Math Department.

i introduced my self and i met really nice teachers there. i met Kru Yaya, Kru Nana, Kru Naklin, Kru Oranun, and Phi Jane. they take a good care of me, they make the conversation first, they talk with me, smile to me, and other things. we talked many things to get now and close each other. i’m so glad to be here and met such a really good people.

at that day i also did some observation in Kru Naklin’s class and in Kru Oranun’s class. they introduced me to their students and it was so fun to had a little conversation with the students in the class. i found some unique thing when i observed Kru Oranun’s class, before they start the lesson, all the students read multiplication 1-20 which is amazing because it will really help the student to remember those multiplication. i also did an observation in Phi Jane’s class, her class is so fun. she did some ice breaking in the middle of the lesson. i saw all the students really enjoy her class. furthermore, after her class has ended, Phi Jane asked me to watch boxing practice and of course i said yes. it was really exciting but also tightening. the player punched each other which is really frighten for me, but it was so fun.

btw, that day was amazing day for me. and i’ll got a lot new experience here!


Published by ahbimahdianr

Ahbi Mahdianing Rum, a student from University of Bengkulu and majoring in math education

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