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#DAY 5: Observe Classes

August 8th, 2019

in the morning we watched a performance from physical education students and the theme is about syphilis. the story was about a girl who had a free sex live and ended up with syphilis. at the end of the story the girl died. even though it was a seriuos story but the students still manage to make it fun to watch.

all students were waiting for the actor and actrees

after watched the performance, i went to the office and i saw a birthday cake. and it was Kru Nalin Birthday! she turned 59 but she still looks so young and beautiful.

Kru Naklin’s Birthday!

however, i still had to do my activity in Mengrai school. so that day i observed Kru Jane Class, her class was so fun. she played some ice breaking in the middle of the lesson and i can see that all the students enjoy it. for the ice breaking, they played the game and the game was mention the number. the rules are each student needs to mention one number by turns and who mention the same number will got the punishment. some students who got the punishment did some dance for me, they dance to hipo hipo song. it was so fun to watch! in this class i met nai and fern, because we can’t communicated well, so they taught me some thai words they even asked me to join their thai class. and of course, i joined! haha so i joined the Thai Class and actually i don’t have any idea about the topic because its 100% in Thailand. but thats ok, because i met some nice students and they even taught me Thai words. thanks to them!

Phi Jane’s Class
Together with nai and fern

i also observed Kru Oranun class. and what unique from her classes is in the beginning of the lesson all the students need to read the multiplication table and then i realized it will really help the students to memorize the multiplication.

and in the afternoon, i observed kru yaya class. she teach Matthayom 6. she is realy close with her students.

what makes me really impressed by the Thai student was all of them always give their attention to the teacher, they never playing or joking around when the teacher explain the lesson, they really know how to respect the teacher, the lesson, their friend, even them self.


Published by ahbimahdianr

Ahbi Mahdianing Rum, a student from University of Bengkulu and majoring in math education

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