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#DAY 6: Mother’s Day and Was it Our 1st Night Market?

August 9th, 2019

it was mother’s day! so mother’s day in thailand is the celebration for king’s mother birthday. in the morning we held the ceremony to celebrate the mother’s day. i saw a big photo of king’s mother and another stuff such as flowers, candle, etcetera. the teachers in mengrai school said they need to do some “respect” for the king’s mother. they sang some songs and after that take some photos together. i and vika also take some photos together with Kru Tuk and The President of Mengrai School.

around 8.30 am, i went to the the office in math dept. i had some conversation with the teachers. in the middle of the conversation Kru Yaya asked me to follow her and observe her class. she taught the students in Matthayom 6, and the topic was about probability. after she finished her class, Kru yaya told me that i will teach Matthayom 6 and the topic was about sequence and series. she gave me a math book, and wow- everything is written in thailand and i didn’t have any idea about that lol glad i have a google translate, so i scanned each pages and voila- i understand what’s written in the book. and another thing was Kru Yaya also taught me numbers in Thai, thanks to Kru Yaya so that i can counting in thai now!

in the afternoon, around 4 pm, kratay and her friend -hiin- came to mengrai school. they brought us some snacks and papaya salad, they’re so kind right! they took us to the music class and taught us some traditional music instuments, but it’s hard to play tho. Ah! hiin can play the music instruments very well. she can play almost all the traditional music instuments in the music room.

Snacks from Kratay
Learn Thai Traditional Music

after learn traditional music instuments – it’s around 5 pm- we decided to go to the central plaza. we bought some skincare there because we got the discount! furthermore, at 7 pm we went to the night market near the central plaza. and apparently it became our 1st night market ever in Chiang Rai!! we bought fried fries, pomegrande juice and bubble tea there.

Took the photo in Central Plaza

when the clock was already 9 pm we decided to go back. we had a lot of fun that day!


Published by ahbimahdianr

Ahbi Mahdianing Rum, a student from University of Bengkulu and majoring in math education

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