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#DAY 7: Reunion with SEATEABacoters

August 10, 2019

all the delegates of SEA TEACHER B.8 (i called them as seateabacoters lol and it stands for sea teacher-bacoters, bacoters is indonesian slang and it means loud and talkactive) had a promise to meet up at clock tower on saturday, so-around 4 pm i and vika went to clock tower to meet them. after separate for about a week, finally we can met each others and had conversations again and dang! I FELT SO HAPPY. i miss them so much, i can’t describe my feeling when finally i can meet them. after that i realized if we’re already that close and so happy to have each others.

Clock Tower
i and vika at the Clock Tower

we walked around the clock tower, at 7 pm we went to the mosque nearby and pray there. after that we went to the night market which is just about 50 meters away from the mosque. FYI night market near the clock tower is the biggest night market in Chiang Rai. we also can find halal food here! we’re so happy and actually i was so happy because i can bought halal saussage -tbh i’m such a saussage lovers-. we bought saussages, mango, wallets, and candies.


i and vika back to mengrai school at 9 pm. and let me say this, that day was a happy dan wonderful day for me. even it was just a simple reunion but it gave me strength to stay in Chiang Rai for the next 3 weeks.


Published by ahbimahdianr

Ahbi Mahdianing Rum, a student from University of Bengkulu and majoring in math education

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