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#DAY 13: Science Day

on friday August 16, 2019, the science students in Mengrai School celebrate the Science day! so i and vika went to science building to take a look what are the students doing there.

it was so fun to watch the students show some performance that related with science. and actually we don’t know what they said because they perform with thai language. but they show experiment such us volcanic, vapor, and many more. they also made a spesific spots for drawing, 3D and 4D pictures, Molusca, planets, etcetera.

student’s performance
table for molusca and sea animals
stand for drwing, 3D, and 4D pictures

we also went to another room in the upstairs, physics room. the students in that room made a mini electric car. they connected the dynamo, cables, and battery to became a car. that was excellent!

together with physics students

after that some students guided us to another room. in that room they had puzzles. so i and vika decided to played and rearranged the puzzle. and guess what? in the middle of our activity to put the puzzle on its place, a teacher come to gave us beverages! it was tase sour but tasty. kinda taste like a lemon.

after we finished our puzzle and beverages, i and vika back to our building. i went to math building and vika went to english building. because i have been back to my building, so i need to continue my activities. i help Kru yaya in the class because the students had a test and after that i made my power point and worksheet!


Published by ahbimahdianr

Ahbi Mahdianing Rum, a student from University of Bengkulu and majoring in math education

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