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August 11th, 2019

that day was such a sad day for me because that day was a big day for muslims, lebaran day, Idul Adha. i was so sad because i can’t celebrate it together with my family. but in another hand, i also felt happy because i can celebrate it together with my new friends from another province. it was my first time celebrate lebaran day in another country and together with all the new people around me.

to celebrate it we need to do a pray in the mosque, so i and vika went to Daru naman Mosque near the clock tower. we already made promise with another student teacher’s muslims to had a pray in Daru Naman Mosque. so. that’s why i and vika went there to celebrate it together wih our friend.

take a picture together after we have prayed for idul adha

i made a video call to my family in Indonesia, and i was crying. actually one of my friend also crying after made a phone call with her family, she is Aul haha don’t know why but i guess we are too weak for this kind of situation.

usually, every idul adha day indonesians always got beef of goat meat from the mosque in Indonesia. but we -all the indonesians- didn’t get any in Chiang Rai, and so do the Thai people. so we decided to find a halal resto to had a breakfast-lunch (because it was too late to called it as breakfast but it was too fast to called it as lunch lol). we went to shareeneen by walking, it is not too far from the Daru Naman Mosque but tired tho

we ordered some food, had conversations, threw some jokes, and learn filipino language for indonesians and april learn indonesian from us. sometimes all of my friend are so funny, they know how to make us laugh. they all are so friendly, and what makes me so happy to have them is we always take care of each other and it seems like no one is selfish.

this is what i ordered in Shareeneen Resto

after finished our breakfast-lunch, i and vika thought about a trip to spent our time together. so we were planning to went to the White Temple because we thought it will be so fun is we went to the most famaous place in Chiang Rai, together. we asked the other about this, and some of them were agree. but sadly not all of them can joined this trip because they already had a plan to go to the white temple together with their teacher. only i, vika, awal, Lya, Cath, Ferdi, sapta, Miftah, Ferdi, Jack, and Muhlis who can join the trip. so thats why we went to awal’s dorm and had some rest there before we went to the white temple. around 1 p.m we ordered grab car and the driver stoped us near the white temple. but the reality was not as beautiful as our imagination. guess what? it was rainy haha so we ordered grab car again and went to muhlis dorm. we took a nap there and around 3.30 pm, it was not rainy anymore. so we walked to the White Temple.

after we arrived at the White Temple what i can say just wow, beautiful, amazing. it was because White Temple is that beautifully amazing. the details are amazing. it was so nice to had a chance to go there. especially went there together with our precious friends.

white temple

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Ahbi Mahdianing Rum, a student from University of Bengkulu and majoring in math education

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