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Busy with Assisting, Lesson Plan, and Worksheets thingy!

in the second week of Pre-Service Student Teacher Program activity, i was busy with assisting, lesson plan, and worksheets thingy.

i started my day with daily flag ceremony in Mengrai School at 8.00, after that i continue my day with assisting activities. i was doing assisting activity in Kru Oranun’s class and Kru Yaya’s class. i help them to watched the students when the teacher explained the lesson. i help the students if they faced some problem while solve the math probel and i help the teacher to control the students when they had a test.

besides assisting activity, i also made my lesson plan in this week. i made lesson plan for Matthayom 6 and the topic is about sequence and series. Kru Yaya, as my adviser, help me a lot to made my lesson plan better. she also told me what i need to do and what i don’t need to do in the class when i’m going to teach my students. such us using english and speak slowly, using number cards to communicate with the students, etcetera. i was really grateful to had her as my adviser. she also treated me really well. i love you, Kru Yaya!

however, in the process of making lesson plan. i also prepare to make worksheet, so my lesson plan will be good to apply in the class. when i made my worksheet, Kru Yaya also help me a alot. she told me if she found a difficult question for the student in my worksheet and she told me to change it with the easier one.

sometimes i and vika went to CK shop at afternoon to bought some snacks and went to Tea Shop to bought Iced Thai Milk Tea, because we need them to called our idea to make worksheet and lesson plan haha glad that our house was near to the CK Shop and Tea Shop.

moreover, because we were too busy with our activity we can’t go anywhere. so one day, August 14th 2019, at the afternoon, when Kru Tuk asked me and Vika about are we having a plan to go with her to buy some groceries or not, because she want to go to the groceries store to bought something for her student who hospitalize, then we just said yes haha. we didn’t have any idea at that time, we were too tired and need some refreshing, that’s why.

Kru Tuk took us to the Tesco Lotus and we bought some snacks, vegetable, fruits, fish ball, etcetera. after we have paid for our stuffs, Kru Tuk drived us to Mae Fah Luang University Hospital. it made i and vika visited Mae Fah Luang University. Mae Fah Luang university is so big and so green. such a nice university!


Published by ahbimahdianr

Ahbi Mahdianing Rum, a student from University of Bengkulu and majoring in math education

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