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Teaching Practice

Procedures of Teaching

my practicum classes were Mathayom 6/1, Mathayom 6/2, and Mathayom 6/6. for those classes i taught the same topic, that was about Sequence and Series with different sub topics for each peried. from what i have observed, i can saw that most of the students on those classes were really quiet and seem passive. that was why i thought about something to made the students active in the classroom. i used power point and worksheets as my media learning. and also i used the number cards with different number for each students. The reason was because i gave one card for each student and while the learning process was running i can call the number randomly, the student who own that number had to introduce them self and answered my question or solve the problem i have given to them. The reason why i used the number cards were because Thai names are difficult. With this method i can communicate with them eventhough i don’t know their name, also i can learn their names, and it made the students active in the class so the learning  activities will be meaningful for them and it also good for the teacher.

Time Management and Organizing Activities

i taught the students based on the lesson plan i have made before. The order is introduction and warm up (25 Minutes), practice (15 minutes), and reviewing and closing (10 minutes). In the  beginning of the lesson i did the part of introduction and warm up, i started with greeting and asked how their feeling and i asked them about the topic that day. after that i showed the motivation words through the power point and asked one of the student to read and explained what’s the meaning of the motivation words.

here is some examples of the motivation words that i gave to the students

with this kind of thing to open the lesson, i can got the student’s attention and it made them interesting to join my lesson.

in this session i also explained to the student about the topic that day. after i gave them a motivation words, i gave them some math riddles to warming up their mind. here is some examples of math riddles that i gave to the students.

in this session was the funnest part of the learning process, the reason was because all the students try to guess the numbers and it made the atmosphere in the class fun. most of the students active in this session. because there was none of them can guess the number correctly with their first answer just made this session become more fun.

After all the small warm up activities, i explained the topic that day and asked the students some question to make them active in the learning process. i  also gave them examples and one question to solve by them self.

After finish the first part of activity based on my lesson plan, i moved to the second part, that is practice. In this session i gave worksheet to the student and let them solve it in 15 minutes.

And last activity was reviewing and closing, in this session i asked the student wheater they have anything to ask about the topic that day or not. if there is no question, i gave them 1 quiz to solve and five first students who answered it correctly got a plus point and got a mini gift from me such us candies and chocolate.

Besides of teaching activity in Mengrai School, i also became a volunteer in English Camp event on 23th of September from 7.30 a.m – 4.00 p.m together with AFS students from Germany, America, Spain, and Thailand. We had so much fun during the event. It was so nice to met all the new friends and met elementary school students, we learn by playing game from one spot to another spot and each spot has different kind of game.

Problem Solving

when i taught the students in Mengrai school, i faced some difficulties. especially about languange. the reason was beacause most of the student don’t speak english and don’t know english. so it made the learning process become harder. what i did to handle this is using power point and worksheet. power point and worksheets help the student to understand what i said and what i explained. and to overcome this problem, i need to speak slowly, clearly, and loud. another problem was the student’s name. Thai name is so hard to memorize, so i used number cards to overcome this problem. so i can mention the number and the one who own the number can introduce their self and answer my question. whis these kind of solution i can teach the students well and the students understand the lesson.

Classroom Management

before i did my teaching practicum i made the lesson plan first. thee reason was it can help me to manage the classroom based on what i have already prepared on my lesson plan. The order is introduction and warm up (25 Minutes), practice (15 minutes), and reviewing and closing (10 minutes). to teach the students i used power point and worksheets as my media learning. and also i used the number cards with different number for each students to make us can communicate easily.

i asked some question and mention one number, the student who own that number need to answer my question. i also asked about other student’s opinion. so the learning process can be effective and the atmosphere can be alive.

i also used the attention gatters, such as Hello-Hi (i said Hello and then the students said Hi). this attention gatter can made the students gave their attention to the teacher.

when the students did their worksheet i walked around the class to watched what the students do. sometimes i came from one table to another table just to make sure they understand what they need to do and help them if they faced the difficulty.

Power Point and Worksheets

here is the power point i have used for each meeting in the class.

here is the worksheets i have given to them for each meeting.


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Ahbi Mahdianing Rum, a student from University of Bengkulu and majoring in math education

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