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Teaching Plan

in Mengrai school i got Mathayom 6/1, Mathayom 6/2 and Mathayom 6/6 as my practicum classes. based on the curriculum, i have to teach about Sequence and Series to the students. in for each period i teach different sub topic, and the sub topics are:

  1. definition of the sequence
  2. General term of the sequence
  3. Next Terms and Common Difference of the Arithmetic Sequence
  4. General Term of Arithmetic Sequence
  5. Arithmetic Sequence
  6. Geometric Sequence

i will teach the students based on the teaching plan i have made before my teaching class. the teching plan i made also known as lesson plan. The order for my lesson plan is introduction and warm up, practice, and reviewing and closing. In the  beginning of the lesson what i will do is introduction and warm up, in this session i will explain to the student about the topic in general, after that i will give them a motivation words, and then give them some riddles to warming up their mind. After all the small warming up activities, i will explain the topic and ask the students some question to make them active in the class. i  also will give them examples and one question to solve by them self.

After finish the first part of activity based on my lesson plan, i move to the second part, that is practice. In this session i will give the worksheet to the students and let them solve it in 15 minutes. And last activity is reviewing and closing, in this session i will ask the student wheater they have anything to ask about the topic or not. if there is no question, i give them 1 quiz to solve and five first students who answer it correctly will get a plus point and get a mini gift from me such as candies and chocolate.

Here is the lesson plans i have used in Mengrai School


Published by ahbimahdianr

Ahbi Mahdianing Rum, a student from University of Bengkulu and majoring in math education

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